Anxiety-free woman standing on coastline relaxing

Case Study: “CBD’s a shortcut to calm and relaxation”

One of the main reasons as to why people start taking CBD is to help combatting anxiety, which is one of the most prevalent mental health issues in the country right now. Recent studies have shown that around 1 in 5 adults suffer from some form of mental health concern, with anxiety disorders such as […]

oil in dropper

Case Study: “It really helps with the nerve pain”

When talking about pain relief, it’s not just limited to joint and muscle pain. One of the lesser talked about forms of pain is neuropathic pain, also called neuropathy or nerve pain, which is a chronic pain condition based around damaged nerves. There are theories as to how neuropathy can occur,  however sometimes the cause […]

Man suffering from back pain

Case Study: “CBD improved my quality of life”

People find benefits from CBD across a range of different conditions, and while a majority of the time people tend to start using CBD as a sleep aid or to help alleviate anxiety, a lot of people take CBD for joint and muscle pain or injury relief. Research has indicated that this may be down […]

Will Thomas uses Goodbody cbd drops to help train.

“CBD oil drops allow me to train longer and recover faster”

. Will Thomas, 28, lives and works in London and has been practising jiu jitsu for the past year. He’s rapidly become a blue belt, gaining Silver in the Gracie Barra National Event. According to Will, “A jiu jitsu friend of mine recommended I take CBD oil drops to help with the knocks, bumps and […]

Picture of a customer who used CBD drops to help her sleep

Case Study: “CBD has helped me sleep”

“I’ve been using the 5% CBD oil drops for several months now after first trying Goodbody as a Christmas gift. My anxiety (especially since COVID) has been much much higher and was especially affecting my ability to sleep. Since using the CBD drops every day, I’ve been actually able to sleep through the night and […]

Goodbody CBD drops mean I can get on with life

Case Study: “CBD drops mean I can get on with life”

“CBD drops mean I can get on with life” – David, 85 and Drusilla, 76, are married and live in Somerset and talk about how using cbd oil has helped them. Drusilla Drusilla is very active but suffers with painful arthritis in both her hands and knees. As a result, her knuckles, especially on her […]

I tried CBD oil drops and it changed her life

Case Study: “I was sleeping through the night”

Sacha Byrne, 30, from Swindon has suffered from chronic anxiety, insomnia and migraines for years. She had been taking Escitalopram for anxiety, but it does come with side effects and was only partially solving the problem and since starting to take CBD oil drops things have got a whole lot better. According to Sacha, “I […]

The benefits of CBD oil

“Benefits of CBD oil – I am now evangelical about it”

CBD – It’s a relatively new product, but what are the benefits of CBD oil? Most people haven’t even heard of it and yet it’s starting to appear in conversations around sports, food and beauty products. CBD is legal and many leading doctors, scientists and experts in their field are excited about the effects of […]

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Case Study: CBD balm made my hands feel softer

I am a working mum of 2 teenage boys and have been looking for a product to help with dry skin with the added benefits of CBD- a cream which feels a little bit luxurious and is a treat at the end of a long busy day. I was delighted to receive my CBD balm […]

Case study picture Mike

Case Study: CBD oil helped me sleep

My name is Mike Gould, I’m 68 and I live with my dear wife near Grantham.  I would say I’m fairly active for my age and have had a varied career having served in the Royal Navy and the police force, followed by many years on the road as a Regional Sales Manager. As with […]

CBD gummies helped me sleep

Case Study: CBD helped me sleep

I’m Terrie and I live with my family and two dogs in Gloucester and taking CBD helped me sleep. Being a 46 year old woman, very much experiencing all that nature throws at us around this age (ie dry skin and some redness in areas, perimenopausal symptoms, waking up every morning at 4am, osteo arthritis […]