Will Thomas uses Goodbody cbd drops to help train.

“CBD oil drops allow me to train longer and recover faster”

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Will Thomas, 28, lives and works in London and has been practising jiu jitsu for the past year. He’s rapidly become a blue belt, gaining Silver in the Gracie Barra National Event.

According to Will, “A jiu jitsu friend of mine recommended I take CBD to help with the knocks, bumps and stiffness that come with training.

“Goodbody CBD oil drops allow me to train longer and recover faster, meaning I can go to more and more sessions.  Prior to taking CBD oil I could only manage three jiu jitsu training sessions a week. Now I’m taking CBD, I can manage five to six.

“My body no longer makes a massive song and dance out of the knocks I pick up. I used to feel really beaten up after sessions – now I just get on with my day. It also seems to help me sleep after a late training session.

“To my utter delight I discovered it also seems to help with the inevitable anxious dread that comes before a big competition. I also use the CBD to help more generally with anxious feelings. If I’m overthinking an event in my life I’ll use it to help me chill out and relax”.

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