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Case Study: “CBD improved my quality of life”

People find benefits from CBD across a range of different conditions, and while a majority of the time people tend to start using CBD as a sleep aid or to help alleviate anxiety, a lot of people take CBD for joint and muscle pain or injury relief. Research has indicated that this may be down to CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties through regulating the levels of cytokine, as well as CBD’s potential to work alongside anandamide, a compound known to reduce pain perception. These two effects combined mean that many people have found that CBD has helped to lessen the impact of pain, both acute and chronic.

For an example of this, read about Michael’s experience with our products below:

“I have been using Goodbody CBD since I saw an item on BBC’s Countryfile on the growing conditions and laboratories used to produce the CBD products. I had never thought of using CBD to treat my pain until that moment.

I live each day in extreme pain with a curved spine from an injury from when I was young, and my GP prescribed extremely strong pain killers which have a sedating effect on me, so I wanted to reduce using them. I started using the 2000mg (20%) CBD drops twice a day, and recently tried the gummies. Not because the drops didn’t work, quite the opposite, I was so impressed I wanted to reduce the prescription medication further. I can honestly say my pain, whilst it’ll never go away, is significantly reduced.

My quality of life has certainly improved as I’m able to get more done as I’m not sedated.

Am I glad I watched the episode of Countryfile? Yes, 100%, and on the rare occasion I have phoned Goodbody I have found the staff to be excellent very polite and professional.”

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