CBD Guide

What is CBD?

CBD is short for cannabidiol, a naturally occurring compound found in the cannabis plant. There are over 100 different cannabinoids that have been found in hemp, a strain of the cannabis plant. The right variety of this plant can boost your overall wellness. The way it works is by interacting with a special subsystem of the nervous system, known as the endocannabinoid system (ECS). This is the part of our body which has interacted with cannabis products since we started using them as long ago as ten thousand years. 

How do I take it?

CBD is becoming a huge part of a healthy lifestyle as a natural way to help ease pain, support symptoms of stress and anxiety and soothe restless, sleepless nights. CBD is best absorbed sublingually, administered under the tongue, which is why the majority of products are available in oil format. This is by far the preferred format of choice by our customers but there are a many ways CBD can be used from adding to your tea or coffee, in capsules or gummies or topically as a balm. 

We’re often asked about how much to take. There is no definitive answer because CBD works directly with your nervous and endocrine systems so its individual to each person. Some people have reported the effectiveness of the supplement at as low as a few drops daily, others take much more, which just shows how much it can vary. Guidelines recommend up to 70mg CBD daily and we suggest you start with a few drops and increase if you feel you need more. Try changing the time of day you take it or taking it after a meal. The strength is shown on the label, 5% CBD content is a lower level than a 20% content. Some people find that using multiple products simultaneously work best for them. Its perfectly safe to take CBD drops and apply topically too. 

Goodbody Botanicals was born to produce products that are trusted.  We believe in full traceability, that every single product reaches you in the very best condition and can be tracked right back to its source. We test all our products using an accredited laboratory to ensure that they are THC free in order so they do not contain the psychoactive effects commonly associated with other varieties of cannabis and are totally regulation compliant. So you can be sure you are buying products that are consistently great quality. And we’re always here to help; our UK based customer service team are on hand to answer any questions you have.

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Testing Certificates

All of our products are tested, every single batch of every product we make in our own production facility, based here in UK. Our certificates of analysis, showing the cannabinoid profiles are available to see here lab reports

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