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Case Study: CBD oil helped me sleep

My name is Mike Gould, I’m 68 and I live with my dear wife near Grantham.  I would say I’m fairly active for my age and have had a varied career having served in the Royal Navy and the police force, followed by many years on the road as a Regional Sales Manager.

As with all families, there are a few common familial traits that a lot of us share, and it is some of these hereditary traits that I was looking for help with, without resorting to prescription medications.

When I have talked with the team at Goodbody Wellness, they are very restricted in what they can and cannot say for legal reasons, but what I found extremely interesting and informative was what they shared with me about the endocannabinoid system – in particular how it helps the body manage inflammation,  pain and sleep (it does a lot more than that, but I had the information I needed!), and how CBD supports that system or helps it to work properly.

Could CBD oil really help manage chronic hip pain and help me to sleep a full night?  Having already had one hip replaced, and experiencing sure signs that I will soon be needing the other one replaced soon, could CBD help me?

Could CBD help me sleep past 3am every day?  Would I once again be able to wake up having a restful and full night’s sleep?

“Let’s give it a go!” I thought …

I started out with just a 5% chocolate and hazelnut flavour initially (I personally prefer a flavoured oil than the natural flavour), just to gauge how many drops I would need to notice the changes I was looking for.  The first couple of days I tried four drops in the morning and 4 in the evening.  On day three, I increased to 6 drops in the evening and for me that was perfect.  I had my first full night’s sleep in a very long time.  Now, after a couple of months, I take 20% oil, taking 1 drop in the morning and 2 drops at night.

Since starting on the oil I now have undisturbed sleep, and providing I don’t over exert my hip, I am virtually symptom free.  I did notice the old symptoms with my hip start to reappear when I ran out, but that quickly subsided once I restarted taking the oil again.

I would highly recommend using Goodbody Wellness CBD oil.  It does what it can’t say on the tin!


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