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The benefit of a good night's sleep
It’s well documented that a good nights sleep improves concentration, mood and energy but many of us find it difficult to sleep well through the night. Our article sheds some light on whether CBD can aid a better nights sleep.

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Invest in rest.

It’s well documented that a good nights sleep improves concentration, mood, energy and in some cases even the way our bodies feel physically. Unfortunately many of us find it difficult to sleep well through the night.

Restore and re-set.

Wellness is a concept we often find ourselves coming back to in our ongoing efforts to help people get healthy in the most natural way possible. CBD can complement and contribute to the process of wellness, especially when people enjoy it as part of a balanced and comprehensive healthy lifestyle.

Calm amid chaos.

In recent years, people have finally started to understand the importance of mental health – try stopping stress in its tracks with some natural remedies, such as CBD, that bring a sense of calm back into your life.

Relief... rediscovered.

As all the benefits of CBD are becoming more widely known and understood, many people with pain, from temporary aches to chronic pain conditions, want to know how it could help them.

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Goodbody Botanicals offers a wide range of CBD products including gels, balms, capsules, oils and more. Many of these products are found in your local pharmacy or supermarket and are fully tested by PhytoVista, an independent managed laboratory to offer you ‘CBD you can trust’.

Goodbody Wellness offers premium CBD products with the additional benefits of Vitamin D. Known as the UK’s most trusted CBD retailer you will find our products in many health and beauty outlets.

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CBD – It’s an relatively new product, but how can it benefit you? Most people haven’t even heard of it and yet it’s starting to appear in conversations around sports, food and beauty products.

The Goodbody Botanicals and Wellness brands are born of a need – people want to buy CBD products they can trust, knowing they don’t contain anything they shouldn’t.

We offer you products that are:

  • THC free
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We are committed to producing safe, compliant and effective products that are rigorously tested to the highest standards. We take pride in our traceability of our products from seed to shelf to provide you with the reassurance of buying from the trusted brands within Goodbody.

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