I tried CBD oil drops and it changed her life

Case Study: “I was sleeping through the night”

I tried CBD oil drops and it changed her life

Sacha Byrne, 30, from Swindon has suffered from chronic anxiety, insomnia and migraines for years. She had been taking Escitalopram for anxiety, but it does come with side effects and was only partially solving the problem.

According to Sacha, “I was desperate to live a ‘normal’ life and felt I had nothing to lose by trying something new. I started taking Goodbody 10% CBD oil drops in January. I started with four drops in the morning and four drops before bed.   

“Within a week I realised that I was sleeping through the night, something I have struggled with since the age of 12. I felt calmer and much less in a panic about having to do school runs and go to work.

“By March I felt I’d made sufficient progress to try tapering off my prescribed anxiety medication, so with my doctor’s approval, over a few weeks I gradually reduced my dose without many unpleasant side effects. I now use the Goodbody 20% CBD oil drops and I take two drops twice a day which works perfectly for me. 

“I have also found out that CBD helps with migraines. For me they are hormonally triggered and so when I notice the onset of a migraine I immediately take CBD and find that the pain subsides and if I then lie down in a darkened room I can fall asleep very quickly and wake up feeling much better.

“If you are suffering from anxiety, sleep problems or migraines I definitely suggest you give CBD a try. I was sceptical to start with but I am so happy that I tried it. I don’t feel like I depend on it or have to keep upping the dose, but I do take a little more than normal when I am faced with a very stressful situation and this definitely works for me”.

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