Case Study: CBD gummies potentially helped me sleep

I’m Terrie and I live with my family and two dogs in Gloucester.

Being a 46 year old woman, very much experiencing all that nature throws at us around this age (ie dry skin and some redness in areas, perimenopausal symptoms, waking up every morning at 4am, osteo arthritis after years of extreme sports in my younger years) I have embraced my open-mindedness and decided to give CBD products a go.

Like a lot of people, I have done my research into CBD and how it works with our body.   If you are a little sceptical, or of the thinking that this is all a bit of a gimmick, research the endocannabinoid system.  I found some very interesting Ted Talks out there too.  It all sounds very promising.

I guess the big question is, does it work?

I am very lucky that I have had opportunity to try a few different CBD products.  Some suited me, some didn’t.  It’s important to find something that you like to use, and that does what you want it to.

The most dramatic result I experienced was when I had the first full, really restful, nights sleep that I’d had in years. The product that potentially worked for me? Goodbody CBD Gummies.  I’d had two gummies that same day.  Coincidence maybe?  I decided to run a little test.  I didn’t take any for a couple of days – I was back to waking again at 4am both mornings.  I took one gummie in the afternoon on the fourth day – slept straight through to my alarm, really feeling like I’d slept incredibly well.  I still take CBD gummies and sleep well.

There were other changes to my body that I started to notice over time.  My aches and pains were a lot less limiting, I was feeling like I did 15 years ago.  I was feeling good in myself again.  I had also noticed too that my “women’s time” had normalised again – now that I was NOT expecting.  They too began to feel like they had years before, to be honest I thought the menopause was well and truly on its way.   A lot of the symptoms that go hand in hand with perimenopause really eased off.   I had read that the endocannabinoid is involved in regulating the fertility system and hormones but this was an interesting turn of events.

So from my own experience, does CBD support your body in re-balancing?  Absolutely it does.  I’ve noticed real differences from taking CBD.  Some I wasn’t expecting. Some I didn’t even realise until I sat and thought back.  But yes, it really does support some quite profound changes.

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*Note: All our case studies are reflective of individual experiences and are not part of a scientific study so we cannot comment on whether other individuals would have a similar experience.

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