Mushrooms Guide

What are Functional Mushrooms?

Functional mushrooms, also called nootropics are substances that claim to boost cognitive function and brain performance, sometimes referred to as smart drugs. They include certain types of prescription medications as well as non-prescription substances, including food supplements. There have been many studies that conclude that consuming nootropics can aid mental functioning; thinking, memory, mood, attention, creativity and motivation.Ā 

The word itself comes from the Greek wordsĀ nousĀ for “mind” andĀ trepien for “to bend.” There are six nootropic mushrooms: Chaga, Cordyceps, Lion’s Mane, Maitake, Oyster and Reishi each with their own super nutrient power.

Did you know that mushrooms are actually more closely related to humans than they are to plants? This unique relationship means that mushrooms share many biological similarities with humans, including the ability to produce vitamin D in response to sunlight exposure. Many ancient cultures understood that mushrooms had powerful healing properties, and modern science has since confirmed that some species of mushrooms contain compounds that have anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and even anti-cancer properties.

In fact, some of the most commonly used and effective medicines in modern healthcare, such as penicillin and cyclosporine, are derived from mushrooms.Ā 

Our team here at Goodbody have deliberated long and hard and decided to focus on Chaga and Lion’s Mane, these are the first defence heroes. Chaga is a renowned superfood, long been used to boost immunity and famous for amazingly high antioxidant levels and digestion aids. Lion’s Mane for brain boosting; anxiety and mood, focus and mental energy.Ā  Do get in touch if you have any questions, we’reĀ here to help.

Chaga Mushroom Capsules, 30 x 500mg (15000 mg)

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How do I take them?

There are many ways to take nootropic functional mushrooms. Tea, coffee, powder to add to a smoothie. We’ve chosen to create these capsules. They’re easy to store, to take on the go, easy to add to your routine. Take with breakfast, lunch or your evening meal (recommended with food). Swallow whole with water. Each capsule contains 500mg which is the daily recommended amount.

If you can’t quite find what you are looking for please contact our team who are always happy to helpĀ contact us