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Case Study: “It really helps with the nerve pain”

When talking about pain relief, it’s not just limited to joint and muscle pain. One of the lesser talked about forms of pain is neuropathic pain, also called neuropathy or nerve pain, which is a chronic pain condition based around damaged nerves. There are theories as to how neuropathy can occur,  however sometimes the cause is inexplicable. Some of the most common causes, but by no means all of the causes, are autoimmune diseases, Diabetes, and certain viral and bacterial infections.

There are medications for neuropathy dependent on the severity, however a lot of the time these medications can have quite heavy side-effects. Because of this, many people like Frances have taken to using CBD as a form of pain relief from neuropathy, either as a standalone or in combination with a reduced level of medication. Read about her experience with CBD below:

“It really helps with the nerve pain I have, in addition to prescribed medication…

I use a 2000mg (20%) peppermint CBD oil. It also relieves stress/anxiety I have associated with the menopause. There are no side effects, no ‘spaced out’ feeling, and it tastes minty fresh, unlike other CBD oils which taste awful and leave me feeling nauseous.

I can’t recommend this highly enough. Try it, you won’t be disappointed.”

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