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20% CBD Oil Drops MAXPlus, Peppermint Flavoured, 10ml (2000mg)


Our Max+ oil is the pinnacle in terms of strength for our range of oils. Using the same high-quality cannabinoids that are present in all our products, this oil will contain at least 20mg of CBD per 0.1ml serving, meaning that just a small amount will go a very long way! Perfect for people who require a stronger amount of CBD to support their wellbeing or for people who want to take less oil each time, and our measuring syringe allows for you to take the exact amount your system needs with minimal wastage, which is necessary when taking a higher strength oil.

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Our NEW MAXplus (2000mg CBD) Oil drops are crafted using our finest quality CBD with a tested and 20% CBD per 10ml bottle.

Combined with our reliable syringe delivery you can be confident you are consuming the exact quantity of CBD every time, with the minimum mess and wastage.

Our MAXplus is made using a guaranteed minimum of 20% Cannabidiol combined with our unique blend of CBD and Hemp Terpenes.

  • Great peppermint flavour
  • No GMO ingredients
  • Vegan friendly
  • Lab tested
  • THC Free*
  • Formulated in the UK

*Tested below 0.01% THC per product