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Why the Novel Foods Submission process is important to you?

Bottom line – it will ensure that, longer term, the CBD products sold in the UK market are of an agreed level of quality and compliance.

Goodbody have been promoting the need for compliance within the industry for a number of years to ensure customers enjoy is a product that is THC, toxin and pesticide free and of a consistent quality every time it’s purchased.

Novel Foods, like CBD food products, should be authorised before they are put on the market to ensure they have been through an independent safety assessment. Our application for authorisation of CBD products have been submitted to the Novel Foods Authority.

In order to submit our application, we provided evidence such as our ISO accredited laboratory reports which we create for every batch of CBD produced.

Over the years there have been reports of CBD products with high levels of THC and contaminantstes which will leave the market once the FSA process has been in place. In the meantime there is a likelihood that you will see an array of cheaper non-compliant CBD products flood the market until they are instructed to be taken off.

At Goodbody, we have always provided the best price in the market with the added reassurance of an accredited quality product.

Our ever popular 10% peppermint CBD oil continues to reportingly help a high proportion of our customers sleep better, calm their mind and restore their general wellbeing.

With our members benefitting from saving up to £180 a year (based on 12 purchases).

People are continuing to use CBD in a variety of ways. Our popular body oil packs a punch while still being incredibly kind to your skin. Its combination of sweet almond, grape seed, and agarwood oils leaves your skin looking, feeling, and smelling glorious, while the high concentration of CBD can aid in combatting joint and muscle pain.

The Novel Foods Approval is a rubber stamp in our drive to produce consistent quality CBD products.

As a public limited company, we do this through the quality of ingredients, rigorous testing, clear messaging and our customer services make you feel reassured, every step of the way.

We select it, we extract it, we test it, we bottle it, we guarantee it.

More information about CBD and novel foods can be found here


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