Case Study: “It really helps with the nerve pain”

When talking about pain relief, it’s not just limited to joint and muscle pain. One of the lesser talked about forms of pain is neuropathic pain, also called neuropathy or nerve pain, which is a chronic pain condition based around damaged nerves. There are theories as to how neuropathy can occur,  however sometimes the cause […]

Case Study: “CBD improved my quality of life”

People find benefits from CBD across a range of different conditions, and while a majority of the time people tend to start using CBD as a sleep aid or to help alleviate anxiety, a lot of people take CBD for joint and muscle pain or injury relief. Research has indicated that this may be down […]

CBD Bioavailability and Why It Matters

Wealth, friends, and even spouses, if lost, can be regained or acquired again somehow. But the body, once gone, will never come back- no matter how hard we try to revive the life that’s lost. Our bodies are essential vessels for our lives and experiences. Since we only live once, we make it a vow […]

Why buy from Goodbody?

Quality Guaranteed-Why buy from Goodbody? Pay over 50% less than the average price For a 30ml product. From our research in September 2021 the average price of a 20% CBD oil (30ml)  is £90. Goodbody price for 20% is £39.99 (membership price).  20% oil20% cheaper20% stronger 20% oil/20% cheaper/20% stronger Goodbody 20% is £39.99.  Nearest […]


Enjoy savings now! Click through each step below to start making great savings today 1 Create your account Log in Register 1 Great, you’re already logged in! You’re already one step closer to exclusive member savings! 2 Purchase membership Simply pay £4.99 a quarter to save up to £15 on each CBD oil – you […]

The Ultimate CBD Gift Guide

Winter has arrived, and with it all the tell-tale signs of the fast-approaching holiday season – festive food, music, and decorations are springing up everywhere you look – a time of year usually characterised by spending time with family and friends. Unfortunately, for most people this year’s celebrations will have to be very different, but […]

Boost your wellness

Welcome! There has never been a better time to Boost Your Wellness! We all need a little help in such a chaotic environment and with winter on the way why not top up on your Vitamin D to help support your immune system. There are products to suit all budgets – the gummies are always […]

Case Study: “CBD drops mean I can get on with life”

“CBD drops mean I can get on with life” – David, 85 and Drusilla, 76, are married and live in Somerset and talk about how using cbd oil has helped them. Drusilla Drusilla is very active but suffers with painful arthritis in both her hands and knees. As a result, her knuckles, especially on her […]

Case Study: “I was sleeping through the night”

Sacha Byrne, 30, from Swindon has suffered from chronic anxiety, insomnia and migraines for years. She had been taking Escitalopram for anxiety, but it does come with side effects and was only partially solving the problem and since starting to take CBD oil drops things have got a whole lot better. According to Sacha, “I […]

The Anti-Inflammatory Effects of CBD & Why They Matter

Inflammation. We’ve all heard of it, and we’ve all experienced it. Inflammation is hugely important for protecting our body from external threats and stimuli, including invasion by bacteria and viruses as well as dealing with damaged cells and other irritants. However, inflammation is increasingly also being seen in a negative light, given that overactive or […]

What is CBD Oil?

CBD (or cannabidiol to use its full name) is a cannabinoid that was discovered around 60 years ago. But what is a cannabinoid and where do they come from? There are around 113 different cannabinoids in total, and they all come from varieties of cannabis plants. Different types of cannabis plants have been used throughout […]

A Match Made in Heaven: The Sunshine Vitamin and CBD

Getting a sufficient dose of Vitamin D can be as easy as sprawling yourself out on a sun lounger by a pool in the south of France. Or even spending 5 to 10 minutes a day catching some rays in your garden. Basically, getting enough vitamin D can literally be a walk in the park. […]

How to pick a product: a guide to CBD lab testing

For millennia, the hemp plant has served many different uses–from healing rituals to manufacturing ropes and biofuel. The plant’s most well-known association, however, remains the intoxicating drug marijuana, which derives its potency from the THC components of the female plant’s buds. However, THC is merely one of more than a hundred cannabinoids that naturally occur […]

“Benefits of CBD oil – I am now evangelical about it”

CBD – It’s a relatively new product, but what are the benefits of CBD oil? Most people haven’t even heard of it and yet it’s starting to appear in conversations around sports, food and beauty products. CBD is legal and many leading doctors, scientists and experts in their field are excited about the effects of […]

CBD And Vitamin D – The Benefits

It’s widely agreed that sunlight is one of the most powerful forms of energy we have ever seen. People have been talking about solar collectors and harnessing this power for decades, and although the uptake on green energy has been slow, there’s always the old fashioned way – using our own bodies. For thousands of […]

Testing Certificates

Testing Certificates For further information and to view the test certificate for your product, click the link below: 5% CBD Olive Oil – MEDIUM strength (500mg CBD) 10ml SKU: GWDR0500DOL10 Latest Test Certificates: Batch no: D-02622-1 10% CBD Olive Oil – STRONG strength (1000mg CBD) 10ml SKU: GWDR1000DOL10 Latest Test Certificates: Batch no: D-01422-4 5% […]

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