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Pay over 50% less than the average price

For a 30ml product. From our research in September 2021 the average price of a 20% CBD oil (30ml)  is £90. Goodbody price for 20% is £39.99 (membership price). 

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20% oil
20% cheaper
20% stronger

20% oil/20% cheaper/20% stronger

Goodbody 20% is £39.99.  Nearest CBD competitor sells 16% CBD at £49.99

Value Comparison

Take a look at our prices compared to other CBD brands. We are the best value CBD brand in the market today.

Prices are based on 100mg CBD
Goodbody - Goodbodystore.com - Member
Goodbody - Goodbodystore.com - Non-Member
Access CBD
Vitality CBD
Green Stem- Amazon
Be You CBD/Cannaray - Superdrug
Love Hemp
Jacob Hooy- Holland & Barrett
Data: Based on RRP price data obtained on September 2021

How can we retain quality and be the best price?

Quality, without compromise:

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THC free*-All our products are guaranteed THC free and are lab tested by an independent analytical hemp and CBD testing facility.
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UK laboratory tested- Using our ISO accredited laboratory to create lab reports for every CBD batch made. Easy tracking with QR codes.
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Formulated within the UK.
5-star customer reviews.
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In-House Scientific and Quality Team –In-house Chief Scientific Officer and Quality Manager to ensure consistent quality every step of the way.
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Winner of Wellbeing Awards- we have won several wellbeing awards including being awarded The Best Luxury CBD Brand in The World in 2020. Ranked 2nd in the Top 8 CBD brands in Cannabis Law report.

*Less than 0.01%
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  • We consistently deliver you the highest quality CBD products you can receive in the market today. As a Public Limited Company, we do this through the quality of ingredients, rigorous testing, clear messaging, and customer services to make you feel reassured, every step of the way. Goodbody Botanicals is owned by Goodbody Health Group Inc, the First UK listed Medicinal Cannabis Company.
  • We select it, we extract it, we test it, we bottle it, we guarantee it.
  • By using our full in-house facilities, we can create the efficiencies to offer CBD at such good value without compromising on the quality.
  • We use our own independent top UKAS accredited CBD testing laboratories within the UK.
  • Research with King’s College – Goodbody Botanicals operates to the highest regulatory standards and our Science Committee includes Professor Clive Page (Professor of Pharmacology at King’s College London). We have worked with King’s College, London, to research into the benefits of CBD on inflammation and respiratory diseases.
  • Food Standards Association – We have submitted our own CBD oil for FSA submission to ensure we are in line with the regulations within the CBD industry.
  • Association for the Cannabinoid Industry (ACI)- We are members of the ACI.
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Best Quality, Best Price Guarantee

We guarantee your money back if you find a CBD oil of the same quality and strength as Goodbody CBD, for a cheaper price. We are so confident that if you do, then email us with a copy of the product, price and certificate of analysis to support its claimed profile to info@goodbodystore.com and we will give you your money back- guaranteed!
Terms and conditions apply.

Picking plants

We select it

We extract it

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We extract it

Lab testing

We test it

We bottle it

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We bottle it

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