CBD And Vitamin D – The Benefits

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It’s widely agreed that sunlight is one of the most powerful forms of energy we have ever seen. People have been talking about solar collectors and harnessing this power for decades, and although the uptake on green energy has been slow, there’s always the old fashioned way – using our own bodies. For thousands of years, humans have been using the sun to produce a powerful health supplement without any conscious input: Vitamin D, made by our skin, all because of sunlight.

However, we also spend a lot of time cooped up in buildings, at school, at work, so it’s not always the easiest thing to get as much Vitamin D as we need. Here of course is where the role of supplements comes into play, and since we’re already well versed in the world of supplements, we thought we’d bring Vitamin D into our range – alongside our favorite one, Cannabidiol, or CBD. If you’ve spent the last few months locked down inside your house due to the Coronavirus pandemic, you might be interested in what our new range has to offer.

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Vitamin D’s Health Benefits

One of the body’s most interesting processes is the generation of vitamin D in the skin, a feature we’ve been taking advantage of since the dawn of time. The process is hugely complicated, but in a nutshell it’s a joint effort between skin, kidneys and liver to convert UVB light from the sun into the vitamin. The amount of vitamin D you generate depends on a large multitude of factors, such as skin color and where you live – Harvard University’s blog goes into great detail in this article here, exploring some of the myriad factors that decide how much your body makes.

In the past people suffering from a lack of vitamin D developed deformities such as rickets, and indeed over the evolution of humans as they spread across the globe our bodies and skin tones changed to cope with different amounts of sunlight in order to survive. Skin pigmentation, i.e. the amount of melanin in your skin, changes how your body produces vitamin D due to the changes in the way the skin absorbs sunlight. 

There are many different claims on just how good for us vitamin D is, but aside from some of the newer more speculative science, we know the most about the vitamin’s impact on our bones and muscles as well as the immune system. It’s not just good for these however, as studies are coming out thick and fast linking the vitamin to aiding weight loss, helping with depression, and most importantly providing a much needed boost to the immune system, helping fight disease.

Additional latter day health claims have also pointed at a speculative potential for vitamin D to be important in other ways, such as potentially having an anti-inflammatory effect for people suffering from multiple sclerosis, as well as there being links being made between vitamin D and keeping a healthy heart. There has also been some interesting information published recently that claims vitamin D may be useful for diabetes patients, as it helps the body uptake more insulin.

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CBD & Vitamin D

Of course the value of vitamin D as a day to day supplement means it’s also a very attractive prospect to mix in with our current range of CBD oil supplements. Merging the two together has become one of our new goals, and we’ve got a whole range of products which include both. For general wellness, as well as CBD’s own link to anti-inflammatory properties, it makes sense to combine the two. With that in mind, we are launching 6 new products which include Vitamin D within the Goodbody Wellness range.

The six new products are olive-oil based CBD and Vitamin D oils, in either peppermint or oranges/lemons flavor, and they come in concentrations of 5%, 10% and 20% CBD per dropper bottle. These oil-based supplements can be taken on their own or added to other food and drinks. Alternatively, why not try the newly launched body oil or balm- both with the added benefit of Vitamin D?   If you have questions about CBD you can check out other articles on our blog, especially if you want to learn more about CBD and how the supplement can benefit you.

With the power of CBD and vitamin D together you should be able to access more wellbeing than ever before, and also have the peace of mind knowing your immune system is also receiving the attention and nourishment it needs. As we in the UK often find it difficult to get out into the sun, and with the recent lockdown status, our premium product range can help you feel better and more confident than ever.



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