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What times of the day are best to take CBD?

What times of the day are best to take CBD

A frequent question we are often asked, and one we think needs to be clarified is, “What times of day are best to take CBD?”. 

So many people approach us over Facebook, e-mail and telephone to seek advice about this and we thought it would be good to have a simple explainer to this FAQ.

Now, there are no definitive answers for this as it will completely depend on the life you lead yourself; CBD is about boosting your wellness not dictating it.

We can, however, speak in general terms, from knowledge that we have acquired from ourselves, our customers and also from research that we undertake every day. However, it is important to understand that everyone is different and will find that by adding CBD to their diet they will have different requirements.

So, first off, CBD Oil 250mg – when is it best to take them?

With the Oil Drops, to get the most effective boost to wellness, it’s recommended to take a portion once in the morning and then also, once in the early afternoon.

Now, CBD is a food supplement and it is therefore considered best to take it before/with/shortly after food or your morning drink. Therefore, taking your CBD oil in the morning with your breakfast is a good way to give you that boost you need for the day ahead, which we all need.

It’s the same scenario when you take your CBD in the evening, you always want to try and take around a meal or snack – Again, before, during or after.

Secondly, if you’re enjoying the edible CBD products, this will be taken in the same manner as the oil; to ensure you get the most from adding CBD to your diet. It’s nice and simple!

Topically applied, CBD Products, can be used at any time as they are absorbed through the skin. If you’re vaping CBD it’s the same too, people vape CBD all throughout the day, helping to keep themselves in balance.

So, that’s one question answered – if you have any more, please get in touch. We want to help people understand more and more about CBD.

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