Using CBD in your every day life

Using CBD in your every day life

Using CBD in your every day life

People often ask us here at Goodbody Botanicals, “How should I take CBD?”

….we simply suggest; whatever feels best for you.

For some people, they will use the oil drops as a tincture, but others may prefer the regular feeling of swallowing a capsule. Our other customers enjoy adding their CBD to a hot drink or even baking with it so the options are endless.

It all depends on what and how much works best for you which we are going to address.

How much CBD works for you?

Before we get started, let’s talk measurements. For every person, the amount of CBD needed to get the best boost to this well-being will differ. Some people need more to get that boost and others will need less.

We generally recommend with our ‘Oil Drops 5% CBD (500mg)’ product. that a person take between 3-4 drops twice a day.

It is important to remember however that getting the benefits of CBD vary based on a number of factors such as:

  • The strength of the CBD chocolate product itself
  • A customers’ body mass (a person of smaller stature may need less than a person who is larger)
  • A customers body chemistry (We are all wired differently)

It’s always best to start off small and work your way up to a larger serving just to stick to the safe-side. There are no known side-effects, however, like with adding anything new to your diet, discretion is always the best policy.

Mixing CBD with meals

One of the most reliable, easy and fun ways of getting your daily serving of CBD is mixing it into your food. For example, our customers have mixed our CBD oil 500mg in their morning coffee (It takes the edge off the early mornings), breakfast smoothies, their muesli and yoghurt too.

CBD binds well with fats so anything that already has oils or fats already in it are perfect options. This could be the mayonnaise in your sandwiches or the dressing on your salad. Ideal, when you are looking at a light lunch option.

Traditional ways of taking CBD

As we have said the most traditional way of taking CBD oil daily is a few drops from a tincture of oil. There are the capsules that some people find potentially less messy which can sometimes be the case with the oil if it is knocked over while open.

The balm can be applied externally to the parts of the body you feel require CBD oil 250mg the most. This provides much more of a targeted method of using the supplement that everyone is talking about.

As you can see, the many options we offer hopefully go some way to making CBD easily accessible for everyone.

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