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Goodbye Blues – our guide for a happier January

Apparently, the January blues are real and actually classed as a medical condition. The most depressing day is purported to be the 20th January, so best you prepare yourself.

At Goodbody Wellness we try and help our customers restore their mental and physical balance. We thought we’d share our favourite simple hacks that will help you ‘Reset’ for 2020 and put a spring in your step. Try one, try them all.

Goodbody Wellness – ‘Reset’ for 2020

Tip One

Take on more water

There are no hard and fast rules, but 8 glasses a day is about right. If you feel thirsty drink more and if you’re hungry too. Take a bottle out with you. Look out for signs where you can refill for free. We love Remember to drink more when it’s hot.

Tip Two

Exercise together

It’s been proven that we’re more likely to stick to the programme if we don’t do it alone. Find a friend and plan sessions together, join Parkrun for free where you can get out in the fresh air once a week and meet a whole community of walkers and runners or try the NHS ‘couch to 5k’ app and choose your running partner – we particularly like Sarah Millican.

Tip Three

Relax and Rest

We know that sleep can be an issue so we prefer to focus on the winding down and giving yourself permission to stop. Once you’ve learned how to relax you’ll be surprised how easily sleep comes. Finish any jobs and turn off devices. Have a hot bath or a shower. Don’t think about needing to sleep but just about rest. Read a book, let your mind wander or meditate. Try having a regular routine for bedtimes and getting up.

Tip Four

Stretch Every Day

We all associate stretching with the boring but necessary bit that needs to be done before you start a gym session or go for a run. However it turns out that if we all put a few minutes in every day we’d be loosening up muscles, feeling less stiff and generally able to do a bit more. You’ll find a 5 minute wake up workout or we love the 10 minute stretch every day on

Tip Five

Go Outside

We all spend too much time inside, faces turned to our screens. It’s been scientifically proven that once you venture outside you’ll start to feel the benefits. You’ll also meet other people and that’s good for us too! It helps with our thinking and creativity, is an instant stress buster and can help with anxiety or just working through a problem. Get out and explore your surroundings, find your nearest green space and see what happens.

Tip Six

Rethink your diet and how you eat

We all know that it’s important to eat ‘5 a day’ and mean to do better but sometimes life just gets in the way. Try and carve out some time in the week where you plan what you’re going to eat, do some food prep for lunches to take to work or when you’re on the go. Make the freezer your friend and re-gift any unopened packets of sweet treats left over from Christmas.

Tip Seven

Spend time with friends and family

It’s been shown that spending time with those closest to you is not only good for your mental health, it will also make growing older more enjoyable and can give you the support to achieve personal goals too. If you’re struggling with feeling lonely, take the brave step of dropping a note in to a neighbour inviting them for coffee or join a local community group.

Tip Eight

Take up a new hobby

This is a great opportunity to discover a new interest, make new friends and expand your horizons. Whatever the budget you’ll find something locally to take your fancy whether it’s rock climbing, local history, Thai cookery, renting an allotment or channelling your inner ‘Strictly’.

Good luck fighting off the January blues (of course feel free to use these in any other month too).

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