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Relief… Rediscovered

Read about the impact of CBD for both John Bergl and Drusilla in their own words…

Can CBD relieve pain?

As all the benefits of CBD are becoming more widely known and understood, many people with pain, from temporary aches to chronic pain conditions, want to know how if CBD could help them. Unfortunately, as widespread interest in this product and its effects are relatively new, the research is still very much ongoing. It is also important to note that out products are not licenced medicines, so no claims can be made about them treating medical conditions.

“CBD application has therapeutic potential for relief of arthritis pain-related behaviours and inflammation without evident side-effects.” ~ Hammell et al.

On the bright side, early research is very promising. A 2015 study on rats found that topically applied CBD reduced joint inflammation and pain-related behaviours caused by induced arthritis, with no observable side effects. Obviously, more research involving humans is needed in this area, but one of our customers certainly agrees with the findings.

“After 3 days I stopped taking Codeine and Tramadol.” ~ John Bergl

62-year-old John Bergl suffers from chronic osteoarthritis pain. He used to take eight or nine codeine tablets a day in an attempt to manage his pain, then he started taking Goodbody Botanicals Max 15% Peppermint CBD Oil drops. In his words:

After 3 days I stopped taking Codeine and Tramadol which I had relied on for a few nights a week for unbroken sleep.

In the six months since I am not pain free, but my pain levels are down by 80% having only taken two lots of painkillers. I get to sleep a lot quicker too.

Before taking CBD I was on the waiting list for a knee replacement – if I got to the top of the list tomorrow I wouldn’t rush into this as I haven’t suffered any side effects, whereas before it was essential.”

“What have I got to lose? ~ John Bergl

The lack of side effects is one of the most attractive things about CBD as a treatment. As John said:

“I was sceptical in trying CBD as I really thought it was snake oil. I could not see how it could be the miracle that people claimed. On a particular bad day when the pain made me cry each step of the stairway, I thought what have I got to lose?”

Many people taking prescribed medications report suffering terrible side effects for minimal relief. Because CBD is so natural, and it works in harmony with your body’s endocannabinoid system, it is entirely free from harmful side effects. Not only this but you cannot overdose with it; the body will simply process and expel any excess that you take. With this in mind, along with CBD’s other wellness benefits, what have you got to lose?

If you would like to try CBD and discover what it can do for you, take a look at our other blog articles about the other benefits CBD can have for your wellbeing, and check out our products online. But if you are suffering from pain, there are other things you can do to help manage it alongside trying CBD. The NHS provides this list of ways to reduce pain:

  • Get some gentle exercise – activities such as walking, swimming, gardening and dancing can block the pain signals going to the brain, as well as stretching stiff muscles, ligaments and joints.
  • Try breathing exercises – when pain is intense, focus on breathing slowly and deeply to prevent muscle tension or anxiety from making the pain worse.
  • Get counselling – pain can make you tired, anxious, depressed and grumpy, which can make the pain feel physically worse. To avoid a downwards spiral, talk to a mental health professional about these emotions.
  • Distract yourself – find an activity that you enjoy and find stimulating and get stuck in. Hobbies such as sewing or logic puzzles can be done even with restricted mobility.
  • Get some good sleep – sleep deprivation can make pain feel worse. Make sure you stick to a routine of getting up and going to sleep at the same times each day, and try to avoid napping. If you suffer with severe sleep problems, talk to your GP about it.
  • Take a course – there are many free NHS-based training courses designed to teach those with long-term pain how to deal with it.
  • Keep in touch – don’t allow your pain to make you lose contact with friends and family. Arrange times to talk, either in person or over the phone, that suit your needs, and try to talk about things other than your pain.
  • Make sure you relax – set some time aside to consciously try to relax. There are plenty of techniques you can use from meditation to mindfulness, so do some research, try them out, and discover what works for you.

David and Drusilla’s Story:

“Within a very short time, Life was different”


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