Sustainable Wellbeing Must-Have Products For Autumn

Mental wellbeing: GoodBody High Strength CBD Oil Drops

Something for the stress head who struggles to keep calm or switch off. GoodBody CBD comes in a variety of strengths so you can select the dosage suitable for you. I found the High Strength (10%) oil really helped me lock in more REM sleep (aiding my overall recovery) and even better, I felt I was able to approach tasks throughout the day in a far more calm and mindful manner than usual. Juggling a heavy load of work tasks felt manageable for once! Most people complain about the flavour of CBD, but I found the CBD peppermint flavour really quite palatable.

You might be confused why CBD oil is included in a sustainable wellbeing round up, but CBD is made from hemp – a densely growing plant, meaning that harsh chemical herbicides aren’t necessary to grow it, and what’s more, it naturally reduces pests so pesticides aren’t needed.


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