Using CBD In Your Coffee

Using CBD In Your Coffee

CBD can be used in such a variety of ways now so in this blog we are looking into using CBD in your coffee and why the two make such a good combination.
Coffee is of course one of the most common stimulants we use to get us through the day, but did you know that there are now ways to infuse your morning cup of coffee with CBD?


What are the Medical Benefits of CBD?

In this blog we would like to talk about the medical benefits of CBD and whether CBD is the miracle cure the UK and the world has been looking for all this time.
But, the first thing we need to clearly state is that we cannot answer that question. Due to regulations and a lack of medically certified and evidence based proof, by law we quite rightly cannot voice our opinions regarding the medical benefits of CBD in the UK.

5 Natural products with anti inflammatory properties

5 Natural products with anti inflammatory properties

Anti inflammatory is a bit of a health buzzword lately, so we’ve decided to compile some summer favourites in order to keep your body at its peak. It is safe to say, a large amount of the population rely on anti-inflammatory medicines day to day. But, there are alternative ways to fight inflammation by sourcing what is naturally available to us in food, in the form of antioxidants.


Cooking with CBD Oil

One of the easiest and tastiest ways to take CBD oil is simply to eat it. Include it with your meals and ingest it naturally with a healthy meal. Although bear in mind that CBD will work better with some foods more than others, so in this article we have covered a few helpful points to help you get started cooking with CBD oil.

Why Athletes may be choosing CBD

Why Athletes may be choosing CBD…

CBD products are catching on faster than ever recently – with most of the major news on adoption of the supplement coming from the world of sports. Sports personalities are getting behind CBD like never before, with endorsements coming in from across the sporting community.