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In the News...

Goodbody are recognised as pioneers of our industry, various media outlets and publishers across television and print are increasingly coming to us to discuss the challenges and opportunities within the Cannabinoid industry.

Below are some recent articles:

Henry talks to the Wonderbirds about Goodbody Store Episode 103

The Wonderbirds Show – 23rd November 2020

Henry tells us about the incredible benefits of all the products you’ll find at and clears up myths related to what you already know about beneficial body oils which help with sleep, relaxation, pain relief, and much more.

Henry talks CBD on the "The Sam Kane Sunday Morning Show - Live!

Sam Kane Sunday Morning Show – 29th November 2020

Henry Lees-Buckley of Sativa Chats with Sam Kane about CBD during the “The Sam Kane Sunday Morning Show – Live!” on 2ndCityRadio. (

Politics Live

BBC – 24th January 2020 2019

As the CBD market is expanding, Politics Live’s Greg Dawson talks to our managing director George Thomas as to whether the current rules around licencing and production works for the industry.

Interview with Dr Nick Horniman and George Thomas from Goodbody Botanicals

ITV WEST NEWS – 20th November 2019

Caron Bell from ITV interviews Dr Nick Horniman and George Thomas from Goodbody Botanicals regarding the current CBD regulation and Sativa Wellness Group’s Medicinal Cannabis operation.

Goodbody Botanicals on Countryfile

BBC 2 – 17th November 2019

BBC Countryfile are welcomed by Goodbody Botanicals at their farm in Somerset to discuss the current legislation surrounding CBD and Hemp farming.

Concerns over the lack of regulation for CBD Oil

Channel5 News – June 27th 2019

Catherine Jones speak with Goodbody Botanicals about the current regulation surrounding CBD Oil.

Lunchtime News Feature

BBC Points West – 18/11/19

Dr Nick Horniman from our parent group Sativa Wellness Group Inc speaks openly about our medicinal Cannabis research project with King’s College London.