CBD Balm 30ml (300mg)

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A luxury rejuvenation and relief balm – many of our customers report using for recovery of aches and pains and relief for skin conditions. 

Product Icons

  • 300mg CBD Balm to sooth and nourish
  • Packed with vitamins and minerals
  • Shea, Mango, Cacao and Coconut butters
  • Fast absorbing, silky smooth
  • 30ml jar



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Product Descriptions

Designed with rejuvenation and relief in mind, our CBD Balm takes a combination of nature’s best skincare ingredients and creates a perfect nourishing base for our high-quality CBD to work from.

A mixture of Shea, Cacao, Coconut, and Mango butters come together to make a rich and nourishing product and the high concentration of CBD can ease inflammation, irritation and aid recovery of aches and pains. Used anywhere on the body, our vegan-friendly formula is fast-absorbing and leaves skin feeling silky smooth.

Use topically whenever needed.

Latest Test Certificates: Batch no: b-2238-1

Manufactured in the U.K adhering to all legislation and regulation. Lab tested. Vegan friendly. This balm is made using only the finest, non GMO, natural ingredients.

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