What is my CBD dosage?

(1)The European Cannabidiol (CBD) market is expected to grow 400% by 2023. 3 out of 4 consumers report that CBD usage has positively impacted their lives while 65% of current CBD users are likely to buy CBD again in the next 6 months. So whether you’re new to CBD overall, or just new to a different company’s product, you’ll be one of many people looking to find the dosage to best suit your needs.

When buying a CBD product you should consider the strength of it. The strength is typically measured in one of two ways, either through a flat mg amount of cannabidiol (CBD), or more typically a percentage strength based off of the concentration of the product. The percentage strength metric is the preferred option, due to there being products of varying levels of CBD in varying sizes, for example, 500mg CBD oil in a 10ml solution (so a 5% strength oil) will have less CBD within the product than a product that states 1000mg in a 10ml solution (10% strength oil), however it will have more CBD than a product offering 1000mg in a 30ml solution (3.3% strength). At a glance, it’s easier to know what kind of strength you’re dealing with from a percentage-based system. 

Different for different people

For every person, the amount of CBD needed to get the best boost to their wellbeing will differ, so there isn’t a set amount. This is because the CBD interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system, a series of nerve receptors within your body, impacted by naturally occurring cannabinoids already in your system. Because of this, you can think of taking CBD almost in the same way as taking a vitamin supplement, where what you’re taking is already naturally occurring in your system, but some people might need to boost up their levels a bit more than others. 

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So with all of this in mind, how much CBD should you take? As mentioned, it’s impossible to say, and trial and error is really a huge part of taking CBD. If you’re new to CBD, we suggest taking our 10% oil drops, and starting off with 2 or 3 drops taken under the tongue. If it is not giving a noticeable effect after the first few days, then you can increase the amount taken in small increments, perhaps just by a drop or two each time you increase. For many people it can take a while to find the correct amount and start experiencing the desired effect, typically a few weeks.

CBD is fortunately a non-toxic compound, with no reported negative side effects of taking too much, which means there’s no risk in continually upping the amount until you find what works for you. Some people have reported the usefulness of CBD oils from taking amounts as low as a few drops of a 5% oil. However if you think you want to try a higher or lower strength, 5% and 20% strength versions of our original CBD drops as well as a whole host of other ways to use CBD on our website. The UK Food Standards Agency, (FSA) guidelines recommend not to exceed 70mg in a given day.

There really is no concrete guide on getting CBD to work best for you, because there is also no concrete guide on the human body. We are all unique when it comes down to our physical and nervous properties, so using CBD must be a personalised process for everyone. Try it yourself and see if you can find that sweet spot!

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Mixing CBD with meals

One of the most reliable, easy, and fun ways of getting your daily serving of CBD is mixing it into your food. For example, our customers have mixed our CBD oil in their morning coffee.

CBD binds well with fats so anything that already has oils or fats already in it are perfect options. This could be the mayonnaise in your sandwiches or the dressing on your salad. Ideal, when you are looking at a light lunch option..

Traditional ways of taking CBD

The most traditional way of taking CBD daily, and probably the way that we recommend taking CBD, is a few drops taken as a tincture sublingually (under the tongue). We generally recommend taking CBD in this way as it will get into your system faster and will have higher bioavailability. There are the softgels and the gummies for people who would rather have something ingestible that’s slightly quicker and easier to take, as you would just be chewing a gummy or swallowing a softgel, rather than counting out drops of CBD oil. The downside of the ingestible products is that they often times take longer to impact your system compared to the oil drops.

We also have topical products such as our balm and body oil, which can be applied to the parts of the body that you feel require a boost from CBD, typically in the case of joint and muscle pains. This provides much more of a targeted method of using CBD.

As you can see, there are many options we offer, hopefully this will go some way to making CBD easily accessible for everyone to allow you to find the best dosage to suit your needs!

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