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'On the Go' Bundle (CBD Balm, 30ml and CBD Gummies With Vitamin D)

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‘On the Go’ Bundle

The perfect combination for those looking for an ‘On the go’ delivery of a handy topical CBD balm and readily available CBD with vitamin D!

This Bundle comprises our CBD Balm, 30ml with 300mg of CBD (RRP: £23.99) and our CBD Gummies (With Vitamin D), with 140mg CBD (RRP: £11.99)
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CBD Balm, 30ml (300mg)

Please Note: All orders for this product will be fulfilled using stock with a best before date as short as July 2021, this will not reflect any difference in the quality of the product delivered to you.

Designed with rejuvenation and relief in mind, our CBD Balm takes a combination of nature’s best skincare ingredients and creates a perfect nourishing base for our high-quality CBD to work from.

A mixture of Shea, Cacao, Coconut, and Mango butters come together to make a rich and nourishing product for the skin, and the high concentration of CBD can allow for targeted relief and recovery of aches and pains. Able to be used anywhere on the body, our vegan-friendly formula is fast-absorbing and leaves any applied-to area feeling silky smooth after massaging it in, and the small jar makes it the perfect product for people living an on-the-go lifestyle!

Our CBD Balm 300mg (30ml Jar) soothes and nourishes skin with a variety of vitamins and minerals with the added benefit of Cannabidiol.
This balm is made using only the finest, non GMO, natural ingredients.

Manufactured in the U.K adhering to all legislation and regulation.

Lab tested Vegan friendly.


CBD Gummies (With Vitamin D), 14 X 10mg (140mg)

One less thing to remember; CBD and Vitamin D in one sweet little morning ritual!

The natural flavours often found in CBD based products are very much a preference so our CBD Gummies are a sweet alternative and with 10mg of CBD as well as a daily dose of Vitamin D (1.43ug) in every Gummy, you can easily maintain your daily wellness and immune system.

Suitable for Vegans and vegetarians and made using natural colours and flavourings and still fat free, each jar contains 14 Gummies (or 140mg of CBD and 1.43ug Vitamin D). Looking like any other jar of sweets our gummies are perfect to discretely carry around in the car or in your bag. The glass jar can be fully reused or recycled after use.