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2.5% (2.5mg) CBD Oil Drops, Peppermint Flavoured, 10ml (250mg)


A great low-strength oil for people new to CBD. The soft refreshing peppermint flavour makes it perfect for taking in the morning or the evening, meaning it is brilliant for setting you up for the day, or helping you unwind at the end of it! The coconut oil carrier means it is a lighter and less noticeable oil to take, and the measuring syringe means you’ll be able to take the perfect amount for you every time! And with it being Completely natural, having no GMO ingredients, lab tested, THC free, and vegan-friendly, it’s the perfect gift for anyone looking at starting out with CBD!

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Our 250mg CBD Oil 2.5% is made from our unique blend of CBD and hemp terpenes. Our peppermint infused CBD oil is ideal for those who struggle with the taste of natural hemp CBD. 100% Natural, No GMO ingredients

  • Vegan friendly
  • Lab tested THC Free
  • Formulated in the UK